• Nov. 14, 2017 Family day event 2018  EVENT

    In November 11, 2018, family day event was held in our company welcoming our family members. 120 family members participated in the event on the day.

    The first family day event was held in November, 2014 as the 70th anniversary of our company formation. Three years have passed since then and we decided to hold family day event again around these days with the appreciation for the continued support from our family members.

    This time mid-level employees who are in their thirties organized the event. Thanks to their effort, most of the family members were satisfied with this joyful event.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the family members who participated in the event.

    Kawanoe declares to become a 100 year enterprise and we strive for the further effort to meet our family member expectations.