Internal communication

KAWANOE continues to work on internal communication.
With our strong cooperation between departments, we strive for providing our customers to best quality of service.

Employee education

We regularly offer training for junior staffs and mid-level staffs to increase their skills. This training leads to internal activation by communicating with staffs from other departments.

Training for newly recruited staffs

Seminar for mid-level staffs

Hanabi event

In Kawanoe town, we have Hanabi event in July. In this occasion, we welcome our family members to our office where they can take a good view of Hanabi from the roof top and 5th floor. Not only a good view of Hanabi, we offer them some sweets and games so that they can spend great time with our staffs. Our event committee members as well as the event plans change every year to attract a lot of our family members with wide variations.

Family day

The Family Day event is to introduce Kawanoe Zoki to our family members offering mill and office tour. About 120 attended this event.
Last time we had this event, almost of all participants were satisfied with the event and our staff’s hospitality .
We are going to plan another event that our family members can enjoy in the future too.


“Nominication” is the Japanese way of communication with a couple of drinks!
Kawanoe staffs are provided the opportunity to get gathering for a drink to promote internal communication. The company provides the fund for this occasion.
We make setting for different departments and members so that they get to deepen their relationship. Having a drink with colleagues sometimes help them get fresh ideas and or get them stronger relationship in a relaxing mood.
This is also good opportunity to know each other, for example, about their family, hobbies and so on.
Based on our company credo “Work together and flourish together”, we continue to develop the positive and supportive corporate culture.

Club activity

For the purpose to enhance intercommunication and staff’s health conditions, Kawanoe promotes club activity providing a grant for their activities.

Marathon club (Running club)

We practice running for Marugame half marathon held in every February.
Also we participate in Shikokuchuo-city Ekiden. Achieving a goal together with colleagues has something in common with our daily work in the office.

KZK100 (Golf club)

The purpose of this club is to deepen our relationship over the departments through playing golf together.
We practice 2 days (Tuesday and Thursday) every week, and participate in competition 5 or 6 times a year socializing not only the members but also other players setting a goal of each.

Mountain climbing club

We climb the mountain to the top once a month.
At the top of the mountain, we enjoy lunch of a lunchbox and instant noodles with the stunning view from the top.
After the climbing, we stop by hot springs to soothe our exhausted body.
You will encounter the superb view from the mountain!

KZ futsal club

We play futsal once a month at Doi gymnastic hall.
In the near future, we will play the game with other teams wearing the official uniform.

Baseball club

We play baseball wearing the uniform with our company logo together with our team members.
Since 2017, we started to join Doki-river league (Kagawa prefecture) and we aim to get promotion to Doki-river upper league in coming season.

Muscle training club

We train our body every Wednesday in our training room.
Each member has their own perposes to train body such as body building, dieting, to overcome inactivity.