Privacy policy

Private information

Private information indicates the information on individuals including names, addresses, e-mail addresses, access record to this website and other descriptions or numbers given to individuals.

Privacy protection for customers

Kawanoe Zoki acknowledges that it is our social duty to handle private information such as customer’s names, addresses and e-mail addresses in a competent way. We promise to protect and respect customer’s private information based on the sections below.

We strictly manage the private information under the proper circumstances according to the bylaws, guidelines and regulations in order to prevent leakage, falsification, loss and misusage of private information.

Also, the educational activity on proper handling of private information has been provided to our employees.Customer’s private information is to be used only for the purposes such as implementation of contracts, developing products and services with added value and providing useful information to our customers.In case we need to use private information for other purposes, we will inform the customers of the reasons of usage accordingly.

We will not disclose our customer’s private information to a third party except the cases that we receive the permission to disclose by the customer or that we are allowed by ordinance.

In case of providing customer’s private information to a third party, we impose a duty to handle the information properly on the third party by contract.

System security

We try to improve the level of the security for private information of our customer, however, in case our web system suffers fraudulent access by a third party we will not be obliged to take any responsibility except for the cases that derive from our failure or our intent.

Disclosure of private information

In principle, we will not disclose the private information of our customer without their permission.However, the following cases could be exceptions.

In case we judge that a customer can be detrimental to a third party we have the right to notify the related third party or the police of the private information provided by the customer.
In case we are requested to disclose private information provided by our customer from court, prosecutor office, police, faculty of advocates, consumer information center and other related associations, we are obliged to do so to these authorities.
Or, we possibly disclose private information in order to protect our right and asset.

Attribution of copyright

The copyright for the contents such as articles, pictures, illustrations posted in our website is attributed to our company.

The information cannot be reprinted, duplicated, broadcasted, public transmitted, translated and sold unless it is approved by the Copyright Act to utilize for private use or quotation.

In case there is another copyright holder except us, it is necessary to get approval from them.
In addition, there might be some issues of copyright in terms of abstract or abridgment of the articles.


“Quotation” approved by the Copyright Act indicates that one can utilize the articles and so on within the valid range with the valid purposes such as reporting, criticizing, researching.
The valid range indicates as follows.

  1. The case that one needs to quote the part of copyrighted work.
  2. The case there is a relationship between referent as lord and quoted part as vassal both in a qualitative and quantitative manner.
  3. The condition that the original sentences and quoted sentences should be apparently distinguished as well as the place of origin should be specified.


  1. Linking to our website ( can be done freely, in principle. However, in case the contents of the linked website are against law or public policy we decline to allow one to link.
  2. In case we request one to remove the link, one should comply with it immediately.
  3. One doesn’t need to inform us of the prior notice on link setting, but please notify us of the linked website URL after setting the link.
  4. These provisions about link can be changed anytime. In case one has set the link already, they should follow the latest provisions.
  5. Reciprocal link is to be decided after the discussion.