Paper Machine

BestFormer Yankee Paper Machine

High quality combined with economical operation.
A dependable tissue machine with a more than 80% share of the Japanese market.

Our “BestFormer” Yankee paper machine is a flagship Kawanoe product that is highly regarded among our customers. The uniform sheet transformation and quality of the paper produced by the patented “BestFormer” is unsurpassed. The operation speed is 1500m/min. and its running costs are significantly low for its class, which means high quality combined with economical operation. Both installation and startup can be completed quickly, and the machine is compact, thereby saving space. It is easy to operate, making it an ideal machine for tissue production. Followed by BestFormer EX Series, which enhanced eco-friendliness and energy saving performance, the latest BF-1500S Advance model has launched in 2017 featuring further developed energy saving performance.


  • - High speed production, uniform formation
  • - High yield production
  • - Low running cost
  • - Applicable for wide range of basis weight
  • - Short installation period, and quick startup
  • - Long life wire, and felt
  • - User-friendly

Advantage™DCT®Tissue Machine

Unique features to each part
Provide the best quality of product

Machine speed 2,200m/min is at the top international level.
Soft and intense sheet forming, press configuration with high accuracy and dewatering capacity, dry section with efficient heat transfer and so on, this is the high speed tissue machine with highest performance.


Advantage DCT 100
  • Paper width2850mm(112inch)
  • Design speed1600m/min
  • Production capacity95ton/day
Advantage DCT 60
  • Paper width2850mm(112inch)
  • Design speed1300m/min
  • Production capacity71ton/day
Advantage DCT 40
  • Paper width2850mm(112inch)
  • Design speed1000m/min
  • Production capacity42ton/day

BTF Dilution System

This system significantly improves CD-MD profiles. This allows improving sheet edge quality and fiber orientation. Over 190 of these best-selling machines are in use around the world.
Unevenness in basis weight significantly affects quality of printing paper and insulating paper. This BTF dilution system maintains the basis weight of cross-machine direction. A BTF central distributor delivers uniform stock flow in the cross-machine direction of the existing headbox. Moreover, the system can be retrofitted to any type of existing headbox to provide fully automated dilution control. The CD-MD profile is substantially improved, along with the machine’s operation efficiency.


  • - Energy saving
  • - Improve profile in cross-machine direction
  • - Improve production quality

Stock Preparation

Pulp is a material of paper, made through number of processes from wood chip. Those processes are often referred as pulping and stock preparation. Below is the each detail of the process.

1.Pulping – Take out fiber from wood chip
2.Knotting and screening – remove foreign substance
3.Refining – Refine pulp for applications
4.Fiber recovery – Recover fiber in white water

Yankee Dryer Grinding Service

Our technicians will visit your mill, assess the condition of the surface of your dryer, and provide a grinding service for surface finishing according to the desired paper quality. We also provide dryer surface repairs.