KAWANOE Solution

KAWANOE Solution

In order for our customers to use our machines safely for a longer life, Kawanoe solution provides for roll maintenance and manufacturing in our dedicated factory. The mission of unique Kawanoe solution is to assure our customers to continue the superior and stable Monozukuri for long time.
With the spirit “together with our customers”, we are striving for further effort to consolidate total support system in order to be a reliable long-lasting partner.

Roll manufacturing

We are now able to comply with various needs such as machining for longer sized parts with installing a compound machining lathe and long lathe.
We will meet our customers’ needs that may require high precision machining utilizing the cutting-edge machining devices.

<Maximum machining length of roll surface: 10 meters>

Roll maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of the existing rolls leads to the stable machine operation. We will check the roll condition and suggest necessary maintenance.
Rolls of other suppliers are also available for us to provide maintenance.

Overhaul maintenance

For the converting machines which require complicated and high precision movement, we suggest our customers to do regular overhauls in order to maintain superior and stable operations.
Kawanoe revives the converting machines with highly accurate overhaul within a short possible period that doesn’t affect on our customer’s production.

Equipment check, modification and upgrade

We provide the optimized upgrade, modification and improving efficiency of the existing equipment upon checking the equipment.
We can provide the detailed suggestions according to the customers’ requests such as production increase, quality improvement, reduction of utility consumption and so on.