Finishing Machine

Random Roll Wrapping Machine

The fully automatic random roll wrapping contributes greatly to labor savings and improved operational efficiency.

Kawanoe offers fully automatic roll wrapping to save on labor and improve efficiency. Its high-capacity model with random roll wrapping won the 27th Sasaki Award. This also shows our leading-edge technology.

JW-Ⅱmodel, fully automatic

Full range of equipment from stopper to side wrapping machine
Wrapping capacity 170 rolls / hour automatically
Compilation of Kawanoe Technology

Optional equipment

  • - Labeling unit
  • - Weighing unit
  • - Automatic printing unit
  • - Corrugated board pasting machine
  • - Side paper punching unit
  • - Metal cap attaching unit

High-capacity model with random roll wrapping

Fully Automatic Steel Coil Wrapping Machine

Labor saving and high efficiency – Fully automated steel coil wrapping

Inner circumference paper inserting machine

Based on dimensions of each coil, turret automatically feeds wrapping paper, which is suitable paper grade and suitable size. Wrapping paper is spread along the inner diameter of each coil.

Roll surface wrapping machine

Based on the coil information, such as dimensions, turret No, turret automatically feeds wrapping paper, which is of suitable paper grade and suitable size, and slit the wrapping paper into the predetermined width. Then, roll surface wrapping supply unit wrap a steel coil with the wrapping paper.

Crimping unit

Automatically crimps the edges of both sides of the wrapping paper, and fold into coil inward, then automatically tape the crimped paper edge.


Capacity Outer diameter650 ~ 2,134mm
Inner diameter508,610mm
Width575 ~ 1,880mm
WeightMAX 21 ton
Specification for inner circumference wrapping Outer diameterMAX 500mm
Paper width1650,2000mm
Paper gradeOPP, Kraft paper, VCI
Specification for roll surface wrapping Outer diameterMAX 500mm
Paper width2,900mm
   OPP, Kraft paper, VCI
Paper gradePE, cross-laminate paper, OPP
   cross-laminate paper
Wrapping capacity 24.8 coils/hour

Drum Winder

labor saving and highly efficient
Combination of excellent parts in an optimal condition
Systemized fully automatic winding


NC Slitter

Slitter unit contributing to labor saving and high speed operation
Accurate and quick
positioning of slitter unit

Our NC slitter is a part of fully automatic slitter system by slitting the base paper. Numerical control for slitter positioning allows precise and quick positioning of a number of slitter units.