• Dec. 14, 2017 Exhibition – QUATIS Open House  EVENT

    For 5 days from December 4 – 8, Kawanoe Zoki and Pulsar Engineering have held the exhibition “Open House” for QUATIS, a quality inspection system for household paper products.

    Pulsar Engineering is based in Castelmaggiore, near Bologna, Italy, specialized in conveyor systems for household paper products and quality inspection machines as well as providing solutions and engineering.
    In this Open House, we have exhibited three QUATIS, a quality inspection system for both packed and unpacked household paper products.

    We have received about 70 customers through this event and it ended with a great success. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all the participants to the event.

    Kawanoe Zoki will strive for further effort to provide our customers with the solutions to enhance productivity fully satisfying customer’s requests.