Kawanoe Zoki is a tissue machine expert,
aiming to be the top Asian tissue maker.
Through wide-ranging technological expertise,
we offer nonwoven manufacturing equipment as well.

Paper is essential in our daily life.
Our household tissue making machine, BestFormer, has its 80% share in Japan.

With wide-ranging technology, we offer nonwoven manufacturing equipment as well.
Our mission is to develop and introduce machines to contribute each industries as well as flexibly respond to our customer’s needs.

Top class paper making machine technology in the industry

Our development of tissue making machine is top class in the industry.
BestFormer, our paper making machine, offers even formation, high production efficiency, energy saving, ease of operation, compact design and so on.
The paper grade one can acquire with our patent “BestFormer” overwhelms other manufacturers in its quality.

Through wide-ranging technological expertise, we offer nonwoven manufacturing equipment as well.

With our long term experience and know-how since its foundation, we offer nonwoven manufacturing equipment to meet our customer’s needs.
Our motto is to create design and manufacturing together with the customers.
In Institute of Industrial Technology Paper Technology Center in Ehime and Kochi, our machines are installed and they contribute to various kinds of technological development.

We develop and manufacture many original machines

Kawanoe Zoki is an industry leader in the development of tissue machines. The “BestFormer” Yankee paper machine that we developed offers uniform sheet formation, boosts production efficiency, has energy-saving specifications, realized superb ease of operation, and is compact in design. Also, the paper quality it produces is unparalleled.

Our development concept: Quality+Economics

Kawanoe has always sought feedback on our products from the viewpoint of power consumption so we can produce machines with lower power and thermal energy requirements. We have made constant developmental modifications, aiming for a consistently high level in both quality and economic efficiency. We are also working on new energy-saving designs, utilizing our wealth of experience in numerous technical tie-ups with overseas companies


Producing machines through an integrated system for desired functionality, performance and case of use

Integrated production system - Kawanoe Zoki conducts all of the processes until machine starts up at customer site. We asses customer needs, then design, manufacture, and install. The key is close integration between each process.
Our technical and comprehensive strength coming from our commitment to integrated production system provide customers with best solutions.

Production flow chart

Sales department

Catch the market trend and needs to provide the customers with the latest technological information

Designing department

Form our customer’s needs into shape through internal communication

Production management

Expand centralized control and production management

Plate working

Smooth plate working by welding robots

Mechanical working

Promote installation of latest equipments

Manual-handling task

Our experienced craftsmen finish the work by hand neatly

Assembling in the mill

Assemble components in our mill, then do test run and adjustment


Ship the parts or equipment after the strict inspection

Installation and test-run

Our technical staff will organize the start-up

After service

Comply with emergency cases or troubles

Total engineering from design to machine start-up

Kawanoe’s production begins from engineering. Based on the customer’s needs, optimal machine design will be created considering efficiency and safety. Mechanical engineer, electric engineer, sales staff and, manufacturing staff make frequent and close contacts to pursue the best quality products fully satisfies the customer. Our engineer always participate in test-run and machine start-up after machine completion in order to check the machine fully satisfies its specifications.

Dedicated, skilled work on machine tools offers a high level of quality

We use a CAD/CAM system to immediately inform manufacturing staff of the ideas of design staff, and also we introduce the latest machining facilities for automated production. For delicate fine-tuning, or welding and grinding of small parts, our highly skilled technicians conduct finishing by hand. Kawanoe’s thorough pursuit of quality extends to areas that are not visible. Skilled work is performed inside the roll and even on the tiniest components. The machines produced by Kawanoe Zoki reflect the sprit of craftsmanship that is central to the Japanese tradition. We are certified according to ISO-9001, and exercise strict quality control of our products.

A well-regarded after-sales services

Our work does not end at machine completion. After machine delivery to the customer, our maintenance personnel make regular visits to check on the machines and provide attentive after-sale services. Attentive maintenance not only extends the life of a machine, but it prevents trouble, ensures stable operation, and helps to greatly reduce potential costs. We also provide an “Advantage yankee service package” .


Aiming to become the top tissue machine maker in Asia on the wings of our strength in technology

Kawanoe’s tissue machines hold an impressive share of the market. More than 80% of the tissue paper and toilet paper manufactured in Japan is made using tissue machines from our company. In recent years inquiries from abroad have increased, and we already supply machine to countries including China, South Korea, and Taiwan. Now Asia is making the most notable growth in the paper industry. Kawanoe is also looking to expand fully into Southeast Asia to become the region’s top tissue machine maker.


We established KAWANOE ZOKI(JIAXING) CO., LTD. in China, where making a remarkable development, in order to respond promptly to fast-changing market trends by procurement and assembly within China


Advanced machinery built through overseas tie-ups brings out new potential for paper.

We have enhanced our product development capability to flexibly respond to global market request through technical alliance with leading companies overseas.

Technical alliance partner

VALMET: Advantage DCT

Supplier from overseas