• Oct. 25, 2017 ”New Advanced Tissue Technology Day” in Tokyo  INFORMATION

    The seminar ”New Advanced Tissue Technology Day” hosted by Valmet AB, our business parter, and Kawanoe Zoki was held in the Embassy of Sweden, Tokyo in October 12, 2017.

    We have received 76 customers from a number of paper makers participated in the seminar.
    It began with the speech of the ambassador after the lunch with Swedish cuisine.
    This seminar provided the opportunities to introduce the latest tissue paper technology, voice from operating NTT users from Middle East and interact between Valmet experts as well as Kawanoe staffs and the participants.

    At the end of the seminar, we made an announcement for「Tissue Making Seminar 2018」 to be held in Sweden in May 2018 with the notes that the detailed invitation letter will be sent out to the customers in January 2018.

    We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the attendance to this seminar.
    Kawanoe Zoki will strive for further effort for the technological development fully satisfying customer’s requests.
    We thank you very much for your continued attention.