Research & Development

Research & Development

Our mission is “Work together and flourish together”.
Aiming to realize the spirit of work “Together with our customers”, we are striving for further effort on research and development working on with our customers.
A variety of test equipment which can comply with different needs is available at R & D building in order to contribute to future production technology of the customers as well as to offer a place where the research institute such as a university and industry-academia-government can activate the collaboration.

As a place where we can provide inspirations for the latest research and development, we will continue to develop more fulfilling R&D building to create an opportunity for proactive interactions.

Pilot machine for cellulose nanofibers (CNF)

Cellulose nanofiber is an advanced material derived from plants (wood).
It is one fifth lighter and five times stronger than iron. By utilizing this as reinforcing material for various kinds of products, it is expected to reduce CO2.
Cellulose nanofiber is the latest material that is made by refined wooden fiber, which is the raw material of paper, to the nano level.

At present, we are focusing on the research together with Ehime university and other customers at our R&D building for practical applications.
We are excited to be a pioneer of CNF for the future utilizing the tissue machine technology that Kawanoe has cultivated for many years.

Pilot converting machine

We will take on the challenge of converting machines realizing higher speed, wider width and improving efficiency, also to strengthen our product appeal and technological proposal capabilities in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Challenge to paper packaging

Effort to realize plastic-free is now spreading all over the world for the purpose of saving environment from the global warming and marine debris.

For instance, we are working on developing the machine that can pack toilet rolls with environmental-friendly paper instead of conventional film packaging.

Challenge to labor-saving, data analysis and automation

Automatic quality inspection system for tissue products and remote maintenance system which are aimed for labor-saving, data analysis and automation are diligently under development collaborating with our overseas partners.