• Sep. 5, 2017 Technical Conference 2017 in Vietnam  INFORMATION

    Technical Conference 2017 hosted by VPPA (Viet Nam Pulp and Paper Association) was held in Halong city, North Vietnam On August 17, 2017.

    We gave a technical presentation of our Best Former for household tissue that has the established reputation for easy operation and low consumption to about 70 visitors not only from Vietnam but also from South East Asia.

    The demand for paper from growing countries such as Vietnam in South East Asia will be expected to significantly increase along with its economic development.

    Kawanoe will do our best to meet the customer’s requests from various countries offerring the best solutions.

    With our medium-term management plan 『Change 2020』, we focus on coping flexibly with changing world.
    We are striving for continuous technological development, fully satisfying customer services.