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Distribution agreement with Saueressig/Germany

Kawanoe announces strong partnership with Saueressig / Germany through distribution agreement in April 2014.

We have made a distribution agreement for the Japanese market with Saueressig, one of the most innovative companies in laser engraving technology in the world.
Since its foundation in 1953, Saueressig has been all-round supplier of printing and embossing rollers for household hygiene industry (facial tissue, toilet tissue, wipes and nonwoven fabrics) and for decorative products, such as wall papers, for flexographic and rotogravure printing and many more.

Laser engraving on large-scale embossing rollers has not been well achieved in Japan due to technical limitations.
Saueressig laser and etching technology made it possible not only to simultaneously engrave several kinds of patterns on a single roller surface, but also to engrave compositely by micro-embossing and design-embossing.
Furthermore, adjustable heights of embossing dots allow for manufacturing highly competitive products with 3-D effect.

In cooperation with Saueressig, we can offer new engraving pattern samples created by 3-D printer and 3-D analysis immediately at economical prices.
We can arrange both engraved rollers as well as re-engraving on existing rollers that perfectly meet the customer’s requests and expectations.

The possibilities of embossing variations will be fully diversified when Saueressig’s latest technology meets Kawanoe’s machining technology.
We are confident that we can offer brand new proposals of embossing engraving technology throughout strong partnership with Saueressig for the Japanese household paper market.

SAUERESSIG GmbH + Co. KG URL:http://saueressig.com


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